Time to Spring into Action with your Yard!

We all want our yards to look like they belong in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but who has the time!? There are a few steps to take and a nice weekend to make your yard into an appeasing feature!

  1. Prune away dead and damaged branches on trees and shrubs. Prune back to live stems.
  2. Cut back and divide perennials as needed. Prune flowering perennials to a height of 4-5 inches and ornamental grasses to 2-3 inches to allow new growth to shoot up.
  3. Clean up around plants. Rake out fallen leaves and dead foliage (which cans smother plants and foster disease), pull up spent annuals.
  4. Compost yard waste. Dump collected leaves, cuttings, spent foliage and last season’s mulch into your compost pile.
  5. Spring Lawn Care Checklist:
    • Wait until the soil dries out before you start working in your yard.
    • Sharpen your lawn mower blades and change the oil.
    • Have your soil tested if it has been more than 3 years.
    • Mow low to remove the dead grass tops.
    • Aerate your lawn if it didn’t get done in the fall.
    • Over-seed bare spots.
    • Apply crabgrass preventer (pre-emergance) around Easter.
    • Light nitrogen fertilizer application around Memorial Day.
    • Wait to water your lawn until late spring/early summer.


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